Get Outside the Box Dude!!!

I happy to say that I am making friends because of my courage to go “out of the box.”  I am not shy, but meeting new people is hard for me.  For girls it is just all easy and stuff ( for most girls).  All girls do is walk up to someone and ask them a girly question and they start chatting!  For guys well, ugh… we just ask someone what school they go to and if they go to the school you are thinking of you ask them if they know your friend that goes to that school.  What I learned is the more activities and clubs I participate in the more people I will meet.  Some of my friends I only know because their mom is friends with my mom.  A good tip is be yourself when you meet someone new.  Not all friends like the same things but they should have something in common.  Liking different things allows you to teach each other  something.  I usually don’t just introduce myself to new people, but I will talk to people I see around but haven’t talked to much.  It feels weird to see someone every week and not talk so i figured that would be a good start.  Hope these tips help you!


The Good Book

Have you ever read a book that was so good that you wanted to tell everyone about it?  Well, there is one book that I just read (my mom gave to me)  about how God showed a nine year old boy that there are people in need in differents part of the world.  Now if you are wondering, this is a true story and the kid wrote the book with the help of someone.  That kids name is Austin Gutwein and he wrote a touching book called Take Your Best Shot.  What really hit me about the book is how Austin played basketball to raise money for kids in Zambia who have Aids or are orphaned because their parents died with Aids.  Austin collected a few dollars for every free throw that he shot and made.  By collecting a few dollars every made shot, he earned enough money to build a large school that had a shelter for kids without parents.  You can get this book on Amazon or at a Christian book store near your house.

youth and pottery camps

Youth and Children’s Pottery Camps!

Bright Star United Methodist Church, 3715 Bright Star Rd, Douglasville, GA


Please call the church to register!  Camps fill up very quickly due to limited space!

Camp #1          June 4-8 (M-F)            Children Camp 1C/ teens camp 1T

Camp #2          June 11-15 (M-F)        2C/2T

Camp #3          July 2-6 (M-F)              3C/3T

Camp #4          July 9-13 (M-F)                        4C/4T

Camp #5          July 23-26 (M-Th; afternoons; $40)  Camp # 5T (teens only!)

Children’s Camp:  $75     9:00am-noon each week

Teens Camp:       $50     1pm-3pm each week

LAST WEEK of summer (July 23-26) for teens only!  M-TH cost: $40

9am-Noon each day:   Children’s Pottery Camp is kiln-loads of fun for children who have completed kindergarten-fifth grade!  Children may be dropped off at Bright Star United Methodist Church, or a parent/guardian may stay to watch the child during class.  Each week consists of daily experience on the potter’s wheel, hand building with clay, glazing, painting and firing items made by the children.  Each day is filled with individual instruction, learning about clay, exciting stories, Bible time, snacks and fun!  Beginners welcome!  Cost: $75 per week

1pm-3pm each day: Youth Pottery Camp is a great way for youth/teens (completed grades 6-12) to spend summer afternoons!  Get creative, learn all about pottery, make new friends!  You will learn to use the potter’s wheel, and you will have daily opportunities to practice…plus individual instruction on the wheel!  You will also create your own pieces as you learn to mold and build clay by hand! Have you ever seen a kiln? Know how it works? How hot it gets?  Come join us this summer and you’ll learn all about it!  Devotions each day!          Cost: $50 per week

Richard Black, Instructor

Discount fees and partial scholarships are available to those who qualify.  Call for details.

Pick up dates for projects made during camp will be 7-10 days after the end date of each week when camp is finished (due to firing process).  All projects must be picked up by August 15, 2012.


Youth and Children’s Pottery Camps!

June 4, 2012 / June 11, 2012 / July 2, 2012 / July 9, 2012 / July 23, 2012, 9:00 am

Bright Star United Methodist Church

3715 Bright Star Rd, Douglasville, GA

We meet in the gym classrooms.



Ooh. Look what is Free!

Well, recently I got some free Christian rap songs.  To get free songs go on and click on AUDIO which is in the top left part of the website.  When you click on audio, after the page loads under AUDIO will say Free Downloads.  If you click on that there will be PAGES of songs from many artists that are FREE.  I don’t mean you have to send the company a piece of paper that requires your name, phone number, address and all that stuff.  All you have to do is click on a song and you can listen to it on the computer before you download it.  if you like the song, click (again with the click) on the box above the video that says Enter Email to Download.  Your computer will start downloading the song and will automatically send it to your music player on the computer. is also a website that you can go on to get news on the latest albums and artists.  Please check it out because the website is Beast.

my name is Isaiah!

Hi.  My name is Isaiah, Tonne’s son, and I am eleven.  This part of the website will be Isaiah’s Corner where boys and girls can email me questions or leave comments.  A few things about me, my favorite color is blue and I enjoy being homeschooled.  There are are benefits and disadvantages of being homeschooled.  I am often asked, “do you get to do school in PJs?” or ” do you get done with school earlier than other kids that go to public school?”  Other kids think that school at home means that you have to deal with your mom in all the subjects or that being homeschooled might reduce your social life and you will have a hard time with friends.  Well,  I DO NOT get to do school in PJs EVERYDAY and I do not have problems with my mom (as long as I behave!).  Besides my life as a homeschooled kid, I enjoying playing and teaching other people play basketball.  Basketball has a way of touching me and i hope to  inspire others  to play the game.  Besides basketball  I also like to listen to Christian Rap and Hip Hop.   My favorite Christian Rappers are

Christian Rap and Hip Hop: Lecrae,  Trip Lee,  Ambassador,  Sho Baraka,  Da Truth,  Tedashii,   Andy (C-Lite) Mineo,  KB,  Json, Flame, and Pro.

My favorite video games are Nba 2k 12, Ratchet and Clank All 4 One,  Dungeon Defenders,  and NBA Jam.  I like Nba Jam because of the players with the huge heads and their ability to fly high to perform a slam dunk and when the goal is on fire.  Visit my posts to get to know me better!

What it Means to be Homeschooled by Isaiah Herron

SO what does it mean to be homeschooled? Being homeschooled is when you wake up in the morning,  eat half the box of Frosted Flakes, ( not that I do) and go into the schoolroom that your parents created.  So now what?  It is important that you think that being homeschooled is a good thing.  If you start your first year of homeschool between 4th and 8th grade, you might think that being homeschooled is a torture, well it is not.  You might be thinking,” If someone asks me what school I go to and I say I’m homeschooled, they might think I don’t know how to make friends or that I am not good at learning in public school.”  That doesn’t matter. In fact being homeschooled is something to brag about.  You can say that I am good at learning because I can spend all the time I need working on equations or that I sometimes don’t get any homework.  Being confident is what you need to do.  Job 4:6 says, ” Should not be your piety be your confidence and your blameless ways your hope?”

used booksale

I believe that homeschool without a support group is a recipe for failure, but that is a topic for another post!  I am apart of Wisdom’s Way Christian Home Educators and every year we have a used book sale where members and non members can buy and sell curriculum.  This year  it will be held at Douglasville 1st Baptist off Prestley Mill Rd. on May 10th & 11th.  Please click Book sale below to access the attached flyer for more information  and visit  for more information on the support group

Book sale