The Good Book

Have you ever read a book that was so good that you wanted to tell everyone about it?  Well, there is one book that I just read (my mom gave to me)  about how God showed a nine year old boy that there are people in need in differents part of the world.  Now if you are wondering, this is a true story and the kid wrote the book with the help of someone.  That kids name is Austin Gutwein and he wrote a touching book called Take Your Best Shot.  What really hit me about the book is how Austin played basketball to raise money for kids in Zambia who have Aids or are orphaned because their parents died with Aids.  Austin collected a few dollars for every free throw that he shot and made.  By collecting a few dollars every made shot, he earned enough money to build a large school that had a shelter for kids without parents.  You can get this book on Amazon or at a Christian book store near your house.


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