Get Outside the Box Dude!!!

I happy to say that I am making friends because of my courage to go “out of the box.”  I am not shy, but meeting new people is hard for me.  For girls it is just all easy and stuff ( for most girls).  All girls do is walk up to someone and ask them a girly question and they start chatting!  For guys well, ugh… we just ask someone what school they go to and if they go to the school you are thinking of you ask them if they know your friend that goes to that school.  What I learned is the more activities and clubs I participate in the more people I will meet.  Some of my friends I only know because their mom is friends with my mom.  A good tip is be yourself when you meet someone new.  Not all friends like the same things but they should have something in common.  Liking different things allows you to teach each other  something.  I usually don’t just introduce myself to new people, but I will talk to people I see around but haven’t talked to much.  It feels weird to see someone every week and not talk so i figured that would be a good start.  Hope these tips help you!


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