Ooh. Look what is Free!

Well, recently I got some free Christian rap songs.  To get free songs go on Rapzilla.com and click on AUDIO which is in the top left part of the website.  When you click on audio, after the page loads under AUDIO will say Free Downloads.  If you click on that there will be PAGES of songs from many artists that are FREE.  I don’t mean you have to send the company a piece of paper that requires your name, phone number, address and all that stuff.  All you have to do is click on a song and you can listen to it on the computer before you download it.  if you like the song, click (again with the click) on the box above the video that says Enter Email to Download.  Your computer will start downloading the song and will automatically send it to your music player on the computer.  Rapzilla.com is also a website that you can go on to get news on the latest albums and artists.  Please check it out because the website is Beast.


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