my name is Isaiah!

Hi.  My name is Isaiah, Tonne’s son, and I am eleven.  This part of the website will be Isaiah’s Corner where boys and girls can email me questions or leave comments.  A few things about me, my favorite color is blue and I enjoy being homeschooled.  There are are benefits and disadvantages of being homeschooled.  I am often asked, “do you get to do school in PJs?” or ” do you get done with school earlier than other kids that go to public school?”  Other kids think that school at home means that you have to deal with your mom in all the subjects or that being homeschooled might reduce your social life and you will have a hard time with friends.  Well,  I DO NOT get to do school in PJs EVERYDAY and I do not have problems with my mom (as long as I behave!).  Besides my life as a homeschooled kid, I enjoying playing and teaching other people play basketball.  Basketball has a way of touching me and i hope to  inspire others  to play the game.  Besides basketball  I also like to listen to Christian Rap and Hip Hop.   My favorite Christian Rappers are

Christian Rap and Hip Hop: Lecrae,  Trip Lee,  Ambassador,  Sho Baraka,  Da Truth,  Tedashii,   Andy (C-Lite) Mineo,  KB,  Json, Flame, and Pro.

My favorite video games are Nba 2k 12, Ratchet and Clank All 4 One,  Dungeon Defenders,  and NBA Jam.  I like Nba Jam because of the players with the huge heads and their ability to fly high to perform a slam dunk and when the goal is on fire.  Visit my posts to get to know me better!


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