Wordly Wise 3000

Wordly Wise 3000, 2nd edition, is a vocabulary program that is available for grades K-12. The program focuses on teaching vocabulary systematically in order to develop a link between reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Grades K through 1 develop oral vocabulary in order to prepare students for content reading in the higher grades. Beginning in grade 2 Wordly Wise 3000 begins to focus on vocabulary development, reading comprehension, critical thinking and test taking and assessment skills. Mastering these skills continues through 12th grade.

In addition, learning is tailored for grade level and more sophisticated concepts are introduced as students gain maturity. For instance, in grades two through five, students focus on such things as synonyms and antonyms, word usages, homophones, picture clues and captions, and analogies. As students reach Book 6 new concepts are introduced that continue through Book 12.  Students in upper levels continue with the skills learned in earlier grades, and also begin to learn about context clues and using word parts to determine meaning; including learning Greek and Latin roots, and word origins.

The program includes student books, teacher resource books, and audio CDs.  We LOVE the free online resources at www.wordlywise3000.com.  I have my children get online every Monday and listen to the  audio to make sure they know how to pronounce the word (audio also a sample question).  They then complete the Activity in workbook.

Computer & Activity a – Monday

Activity b – Tuesday

Activity c – Wednesday

Activity d – Thursday

Activity e – Friday

We use the Wordly Wise word list as our spelling list also.  I go to www.spellingcity.com ($29.99 per year for up to 5 students) and enter the list for the kids to play games and do tests Wednesday – Friday.


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