adding Current Events to our homeschool with the help of CNN

For History this year we use America the Beautiful (Notgrass Company  Since this is currently the only product they offer for middle school, I elected to stretch it out over 2 years.  This would allow us to take our time completing the first 75 lessons of Part 1 during this sixth grade school year and the remaining 75 lessons of Part 2 for seventh grade.  As of right now we will finish about three months before the end of the year and I was looking for ideas to keep History going (without buying anything).  Thankfully, I came across this CNN Students News website and decided to assign Isaiah daily or weekly (haven’t decided yet!) current event essays.  To encourage Isaiah to be thorough with the task I found these current events worksheets online.  A little guidance is good 🙂

What is CNN Student News?

CNN Student News is a ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program for middle and high school students produced by the journalists and educators at CNN. This award-winning show and its companion website are available free of charge throughout the school year.

Where can I find CNN Student News?

You can record the program on HLN from 4:00-4:10 a.m. ET Monday through Friday. You can also see it as a streamed video on our website (, or download it as a free podcast. The program is free and accessible to anyone who wants to watch; there are no subscription charges or contracts to complete.

What materials are available to use with the show?

At, you’ll find a wealth of teacher materials presented free of charge, including Daily Transcripts for each show, Daily Discussion questions, the Media Literacy Question of the Day, downloadable Maps and additional support materials to help students understand the news.

In addition, the educators at CNN offer Discussion Guides for CNN documentaries and initiatives, including Black in America, Latino in America and CNN Heroes.


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