The Reading Lesson review

There is no better feeling than choosing a new curriculum that WORKS!  It is not only a joy to teach but the student is equally excited.  Trinity is doing kindergarten level work and teaching her to read is a main goal for this year.  After much research, I chose to go with The Reading Lesson and I am VERY pleased with the results.

Because it was designed by a physician specializing in behavioral, attentional,
and learning problems in young children, any child who is struggling to master
reading may find the slower pace and clean, distraction-free pages of The
Reading Lesson more suitable to his learning style.

The Reading Lesson, is child-friendly, easy to use, fun, and low cost! TRL  is organized in 20 lessons, with over 400 pages in all.  Each lesson:

  • Teaches phonic sounds of letters.
  • Teaches combining sounds and reading new words.
  • Teaches high frequency key words in the Word Theater.
  • Reinforces sight words with word games.
  • Teaches writing and typing of common words.

We begin our Phonics/Reading lesson by reviewing the alphabet using a game, flashcards, worksheet, etc…………..  Then we complete two pages of The Reading Lesson (children between five and six are recommended two to three page per day) which takes about 10-15 minutes.  If I feel she struggled, we will repeat those pages the next day.  We copy a few of the words (especially those she had the most trouble with)on a separate sheet of paper.  That transitions us right into our handwriting lesson.  We use Handwriting Without Tears but there is a companion to TRL called The Writing Lesson.  Other companion products include The Storybook and The Reading Lesson CD ROM.  i HIGHLY recommend The Reading Lesson.


One thought on “The Reading Lesson review

  1. Once she has finished at least half The Reading Lesson, we will add Explode The Code Book 1 to our Phonics/Reading time for the rest of the Kindergarten year. When we begin first grade work, I plan to use Pathway Phonics, Explode The Code Book 2, and Handwriting Without Tears My Printing Book.

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