Curriculum chase

I think we can all agree that choosing curriculum is one of the most difficult parts of homechooling.  I just wanted to share the method to my madness in case it could help some of you.  Asking around is a great way to find out what other homeschool families like (and why) but it can be difficult with the different ages and grades of your children and theirs.  Because of this, I knew I had to find another way to get the ball rolling and make some choices.  So I took to the internet 🙂

I check what I call my “suggesters” which are sites that have grade level kits already put together such as and  These kits are like a bundle of curriculum covering all the subjects from a mixture of companies.  I then make a list of interests for each subject to add to my list of suggestions from other moms.

For research I check what I call my “looker” sites that show me inside the book.  Often the publisher’s website will allow you to “look inside” as well as and .  CHECK THEM ALL!  One may have more pages for you to view than another.  I totally dismissed a book I looked through on CBD until I went to the publisher website and fell in love!  This gives you a clearer idea of whether you are truly interested and helps narrow the list a bit.

To cut that list down to TRUE size, I explore my “reviewiers.”  Some of favorite sites for reviews are , , and .  Cathy Duffy is best known as a curriculum specialist and her reviews are from an extensive research point of view.  Homeschool Reviews are written by parents and Lamppost is a homeschool family with years of experience.  These sites also introduce curriculum you may have not known about so they serve as reviewiers and suggesters!

Once I make my final choice and shop around for the best price (including shipping) it is time to buy.  I would love to say that we have stuck with every curriculum choice I have made but that would not be true!  When Isaiah was in fourth grade and I got up the nerve to switch from A Beka there were more oops than I care to admit!  Don’t worry if something doesn’t work out.  You can shelf it for another child (or even a later time), sell it, give it to a family in need, or return it.

always remember to seek the Lord


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