getting ready for back to school

It is about that time for school to start back.  planning is huge for me and is a crucial part.  I recommend reading this article  she has on planning

I start with………………….

WHO: think about your child and how they learn best.  there are many online learning assessments.  we have decided to embrace the fact that our children are different and although using different curriculum can be more work, it is worth it.

WHAT: knowing what subjects you plan to teach will save you time and money!  our day includes Bible, English, Literature, Math, Creative Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Critical thinking, History, Science, Geography, and Typing.  some subjects are only done a few times a week (ie typing) and others can be combined (spelling/vocabulary or history/geography)  I teach Handwriting until 3rd grade and then the deal is as long as your worksheets are neat, you don’t have to do copywork.

WHEN: Isaiah and I start at 8:30 and spend an hour together on the subjects he needs my full attention.  Trinity and I start at 9:30 and do all her work together since she is the youngest.  Dasia starts at 10:00 with her independent work and I meet her when I finish with Trinity.

WHERE: WE ARE BLESSED TO HAVE A CLASSROOM ALTHOUGH I THINK I WOULD GIVE UP MY BEDROOM IF NEED BE!  we spend one morning a week at co op classes where each child takes two courses.  they can choose ONE extra curricular activity that we start a couple weeks after school.

August 8th is the big day 🙂


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