Teaching Textbooks (math) review

There comes a point in every homeschool moms life when you want a little more hands off teaching in a particular subject.  My time came this past school year in math so we switched from A Beka Arithmetic to Teaching Textbooks.  Having it all done for me is a perk but I also liked how easy the program was for Isaiah to use and for me to keep track of.  The best part is the clear teacher instruction which allow him to understand the WHY behind each concept.  Isaiah is strong in math once he understands the concept and I did not feel as though I was doing a great job breaking down the concepts the way he needed.  You can watch this demo which explains how TT works as well as a demo for each grade level.

Teaching Textbooks is a fun student friendly program that includes a consumable workbook, a print answer booklet, and 4 PC & MAC-compatible CDs that contain step-by-step audiovisual solutions to every one of the thousands of homework and test problems.  Most grades include a digital gradebook that grades answers as soon as they are entered and calculates percentages for each assignment.  After logging on, students watch the interactive lecture while working problem in their workbook and entering answers on the computer.  The lecture is followed by sets of problem to practice the concept introduced and review other concepts.  Parents can log in an see the student’s answers, how many time they attempted the problem, did they watch the solution if they got the problem incorrect, and anything else you can think of!

TT is available in grades 3 – Pre Calculus.  Each grade has between 116 and 120 lessons so we followed the suggestion of www.timberdoodle.com and did math four times a week.  I also used a suggestion I read in a review on www.homeschoolreviews.com/default.aspx to complete two grades in one year.  Prices start at $119.90 (3rd-5th) then jump to $149.90 (6th-7th) and top off at $184.90 (Pre Algebra and up).  I am using 3rd grade for Dasia this year and 6th grade for Isaiah along with Evan-Moor Daily Word Problems (another Timberdoodle suggestion).   

 I use, love, and recommend Teaching Textbooks.  I have read parents expressing concerns that TT is behind other curriculum or is too easy.  I would suggest you take a look at the scope and sequence and have your student take the free placement test (both available on www.teachingtextbooks.com)  I decided not to worry about it because by the time we get to 12th grade all the information will be covered.  Teaching Textbooks may not cover it as quickly as Saxon but it will get covered.  I may feel differently about that after we test at the end of this school year LOL


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