the relationship our children have with God

If your kids were going out in the rain would you encourage them to take an umbrella or make them take one?  What if your child is less than excited about brushing their teeth, do you encourage them to brush or make them brush?  Most of us would make them take the umbrella to keep dry and not get sick or buy them fun toothbrushes to make the required brush time more fun!  Why then are we requiring less of our children when it comes to their quiet time with God?  Raising a child who sincerely loves and serves God is our job, and a hard one at that.  Our children need to study and memorize the Word PERIOD…………..but sometimes we don’t give them the tools they need to do this.  Instead we make excuses like they don’t understand what they are reading or that is just one more thing to add to the already crowded TO DO list.  They may not be fully understood everything they read and study but then again, neither do we!  Much like a seed that is planted, as they grow, the meaning will become more clear.

I came across the issue of devotion time not exciting my older son and honestly wasn’t sure what to do.  As a parent, it broke my heart when my child found reasons to cut Bible reading short in order to fit in something else he want to do.  So I began to pray.  Lord, make quiet time to be the desire of their hearts, grow them spiritually, develop their Godly qualities, give them the courage to stand for what is right, submit to God and resist the devil,  help them recognize evil and hate it, and so on.  But the strongest prayer was that God give me the strength to be the mom He has called me to be, raise my children in the ways of the Lord, set a Godly example, and KNOW WHEN TO GET OUT OF THE WAY and hand it over to Him:)  More than anything I want my children to choose God and I will continue to lead them in the right direction!

The Word will change how we think, act, and desire.  The Bible shows us what is righteous and spending time with God helps get our heart in order.  I am equipping my children with the tools they need to pursue the Kingdom (by choice).  Devotionals, Bibles in various translations, volunteering, and Bible studies, are a few of the ways.  I have found that devotion books that includes Scripture and allow for open, honest discussion and prayer, work best for my daughter.  While computer devotions or leading family Bible study is of more interest to my son.

God’s Word will make a huge impact in the lives of our children and their walk with Christ.  Here are a few suggestions 🙂

God and Me! Devotions for Girls, Ages 2-5, 6-9, and 10-12
Gotta Have God: Cool Devotions for Boys Ages 2-5, 6-9, and 10-12
The One Year Book of Devotions for Kids #1
Tyndale Kids / 1993 / Trade Paperback ***pictured below

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