Handwriting Without Tears

One of the curriculums we tried, AND LOVED, this year was Handwriting Without Tears.  I started Trinity with the Get Ready For School Pre K book.  I did use the teachers manual which has a suggested schedule to follow located in the back.  I liked that the TM had a wealth of suggestions on how to use the Multisensory, Hands-on Materials (which you do not have to purchase but are very helpful).  I also liked that Get Set for School covered  readiness & writing, language & literacy, and numbers & math and can compliment and expand your existing Pre-K program.  We used it along with Bob Jones Footsteps for Fours and Explode the Code because handwriting was a very weak subject for Trinity.   Trinty’s favorite part would have to be the Wood Pieces which help teach letter formation and are one of the key components for building Mat Man activities.  We did not use the CD’s just because I was pinching pennies but did add the  Slate Chalkboard and Double Line Writer once she finished Pre K and we moved on to Kindergarten (Letters and Numbers For Me.)  The HWT website, www.hwtears.com,  is extremely helpful listing what materials you need, offering demo videos, and downloadable preview sheets for the workbooks.  Handwriting Without Tears teaches handwriting for children Pre-K through about 5th grade. Some distinctions of this program that Cathy Duffy mentioned in her review at www.cathyduffyreviews.com

  • it teaches upper case letters before lower case
  • it teaches groups of letters together that have similar strokes for their formation or the same starting points for their formation
  • letters are not slanted for either printing or cursive
  • multi-sensory learning methods are used for instruction



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