Recognize Him as the principal

Truth be told, in the beginning it was all about getting the work done.  My son had been in private Christian the year before but we bought a house and needed to cut back.  I had said it was private school or homeschool but I didn’t really mean that, well not the homeschool part anyway.  So we gave public school a go and it lasted about two weeks.  At that point I wasn’t sure if God was calling me to homeschool or making me keep my word????????????????  The transition from private to public was more than I could handle so homeschool it was.  I decided to use the same curriculum his former christian school had, set up a work area in his room, and so it began.  I barely left the house the first year.  Even though I had 2 younger girls in preschool, they didn’t go very often.  We spent hours, and I do mean HOURS, doing school.  All of it had to be done and nothing could be skipped.  Why?  No real reason except I didn’t have a vision for what our homeschool was going to be.  The Bible is not joking when it says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs 29:18

So the first year is chalked up to a learning experience.  The second year was a little better because I realized his room was not the place to do school and I also started exploring local homeschool groups but the issue of time spent was spinning out of control.  During school hours I focused only on Isaiah which I now see totally isolated my girls.  It restricted the time I had with them to a little in the evening but after the FULL TIME day job as a teacher, they were getting leftovers.  By year number three Victoria had arrived, Trinity was in special needs preschool, Dasia was in her first year of homeschool, and Isaiah had been bumped to DVD school.  And if that wasn’t enough I still wanted to have a life.  We attend a wonderful church that I love and serving  was like a no brainer for me.  Now my definition of serve is a little crazy.  I was serving as childcare coordinator for all the special events and small groups as well as co coordinator for weekend children’s ministry (forgot to mention I was leading a small group too!)  When I look back it was nothing but God’s grace that kept me from losing my mind.  Homeschooling was hard and more days than not I wasn’t sure it was worth it.  I was not supposed to still be feeling this way but because I hadn’t sought God for His vision, my way had me sinking, FAST!

Where is this going?  God wants us to homeschool our children.  We could want to homeschool our children too but it just seems too much.  Seek the Lord on His direction for your school.  From the curriculum you use to the activities you get involved in.  I prayed for Him to place people in my life for encouragement and advice because I was so deep in the hole I needed God’s spiritual and physical strength.  My God is faithful and I have done a better job recognizing Him as the Principal 😉


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