the planner i use

I have mentioned that I am an organized person so why not tell how I stay organized?  The planner I use and LOVE is MomAgenda desktop (even though it is a desktop I carry it in my purse too!)  It comes in various colors and the material is very easy to wipe off.  The  monthly view calendars are in the front starting with August and ending in December.  Next comes the week at a glance calendars (shown below) which are a dream for people like me!  I need to open the book and see the entire week or something will get overlooked.  The top half of the page is for mommy and the bottom half of the page is divided into four sections for up to four children.  There is even a dinner slot at the very bottom.  The date is pre printed at the top and there is even an inspirational quote.  There are plenty of extra pages for party planning, restaurant lists, online resources, holidays, etc……………………..  This 17 month planner measures 7x9x1 and retails for $43.  There is also a spiral home edition and mini daily edition.  Visit and checkout more of the amazing products offered.    

MomAgenda Desktop


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