Finish BIG!!!!

This is the end of the 2010/2011 school year for Kingdom Spirit Academy and I am just as ready as the kids!  Celebrating the school year is something we love to do.  This is our time to really show our children we are proud of the hard work they have done.  Here are some ways to go out with a bang!

  1. field trip or party with other homeschool friends 
  2. special breakfast, lunch or dinner
  3. vacation
  4. graduation ceremony with your local homeschool group or other homeschool friends
  5. make a sign or banner and hang it on the house
  6. cards and giftcards mailed in from family who live out of town
  7. go to a weekend movie or have family movie night at home
  8. ICE CREAM or another special dessert
  9. memory scrapbook with photos from the year and some of their schoolwork
  10. whatever you do – make sure you praise the child!  Do not focus on any disobedience or discipline issues over the past year.  Focus on where you’re at now – the finish line!

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