Hello world!

Welcome 🙂

My name is Tonne Herron and I started this blog to share what I know about homeschool and express myself on a few other topics here and there!  I have FOUR wonderful children.  Isaiah is 10 (turning 11 in June) and completing fifth grade this May.  Dasia is 8 and completing second grade this May.  Trinity is 5 (turning 6 in July) and completing Pre K this May.  Last but not least is little Ms. Victoria who will be 3 in July and has been attending preschool at our church.  God called me to homeschooling in 2006 and I came KICKING AND SCREAMING!  Thankfully I can now anounce proudly that I homeschool my children 🙂



2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. WooHoo!! Isn’t is AMAZING how God can change a life….AND a mind! You’re such a wonderful mom and friend and I’m excited to read more =)

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